Cyre is gone, long live Cyre.

Your nation is gone. Has been for 6 years now. You were one of the lucky ones. When the Day of Mourning hit, thank the gods old and new, you were able to escape the catastrophe. Most weren't as lucky. You've followed a majority of your people to Sharn, in Breland. For the first 2 years, Lady Iyrarah tirelessly fought politics and prejudices alike to represent her people in Sharn. She's of noble blood, so she gets an audience but she's far enough removed from the top that people still see her more as a resource than a player. A little bit of Quid pro quo went a long way… 
Then about three years ago her party went missing. Something has happened, but she doesn't know what. The circumstance of their disappearance doesn't look good, and keeping up appearances in Sharn is of the utmost importance. Everything went bad after Devlin (Devlin ir'Acques d'Cannith) gave up his life to stop the Blade from Nowhere. Mistrust and accusations have been flung around for Cryan and Warforged alike. You're both being scapegoated but to be fair, Cryans don't stand out in a crowd as much as the Warforged.
The Lady needs your help, she's tasked you and your group to bring in revenue and to improve the image of your refugee people. Contacts and favors have been nearly exhausted. Her clout is waning, and you're seeing it in policies and attitudes in Sharn. She's pulled together some friends in high places for some work.

Nowhere People